What Happens During A Treatment ?

At the initial consultation/ treatment you will be asked a number of questions relating to your condition and state of general health. Further information will be gathered by feeling the patients pulse and observing the tongue, this identifies the route cause of chronic conditions. Treatment will then be offered from the various services available to the patient, but a multi-therapy approach will be recommended and used to resolve patients individual condition, as this often speeds recovery. Each follow up session consists of a review of the condition, followed by treatment. Lifestyle and dietary advice will often be given or advice on injury prevention, exercise, stretching and rehabilitation. 

Will I be charged for additional services ?

Apart from the additional cost of Herbal prescriptions if that is deemed the best route, all other services e.g Massage, Cupping and Muscle tape is free. You are paying for time not services to resolve your health condition.

Does Acupuncture Hurt ?

Pain is always subjective to the individual,  but generally the majority of patients do not find it painful at all. The needles used are so fine, thinner than a human hair and nothing like an injection needle from the hospital or Dentist. The insertion it self is often not felt but a strange sensation from around the needle is typically reported of a dull ache. If you are worried the treatment is like having an injections with a large needle at hospital, you will pleased to know it is nothing like  with some patients often stating that they felt nothing and finding the process relaxing and even falling asleep. 

Are the needles used just once ?

Absolutely! These are use once medical grade disposable needles, once used are immediately disposed of in bio-hazard containers for safe disposal by a waste management company. Hygiene and public safety are priorities whilst undergoing any treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This all depends on the nature of the condition, how old you are, personal lifestyle etc. In regard to pain, typically a reduction is felt immediately and a good percentage of acute issues are resolved in four treatments. Chronic health conditions for example in the elderly have to realistically  appreciated that maintenance of symptoms can only be expected by regular treatment intervention. 

How long does an appointment take ?

Each appointment has an allocated one hour slot to give enough time for a concise discussion of the nature of the condition plus what ever treatment is required to give the best results. Listening to the patient and offering a thorough examination and assessment that's done in an unrushed manner, individually tailored to patient needs gives a greater improvement to success rates.

What should I wear?

Patients are advised to either wear suitable loose fitting clothing allowing  access to the body or to bring  something with them to change into such as Yoga pants, shorts etc. The majority of treatments only require access to arms and legs below elbow and knee and the abdomen. The Tui Na massage is administered traditionally through a thin sheet so no need to remove clothing as this is not like a  spa type massage but a medical massage for specific conditions requiring the addition of manipulation and stretching.

Are Herbs safe ?

The Herbs used are sourced from a Taiwan company called Sheng Chang Pharmaceuticals, one of the premium herbal supply companies in Asia offering a premium grown and produced product. Formulas offered are either administered  by concentrated powder in a tea form or the same powders can be encapsulated for ease of consumption. Before any herbal preparations are made a thorough medical questionnaire is taken including current prescribed drugs currently taken.

Can someone else accompany me to my appointment ?

Yes they can.  Many people come with a partner or friend especially for the initial consultation. Please be aware that a detailed discussion of your condition and symptoms will be made,  If you would feel uncomfortable doing so you may wish to keep matters private. GDPR and practitioner patient confidentiality is always in place.

Can I  cancel my appointment?

Yes of course, although a charge will be incurred for any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24-hours notice given as this does not give me the opportunity to re-use the appointment slot.

Client Testimonial

Well after almost 10 weeks of pain from an injury probably caused by over training, bad seating position in the car, etc i can see light at the end of the tunnel. Went to my GP and saw a Nurse, (waste of time) after 3 weeks of chasing i got to see a NHS Physio who gave me some exercises to do and that was it!!  I went to Spirit Acc to get some pain relief after reading on the web that Acupuncture was a good way to get pain relief for the condition I had (Piriformis syndrome) as the codeine and IB did nothing. Andrew suggest Tui Na (medical Massage), i had never heard of this, The NHS Physio exercises were good but not enough.  With Andrews guidance on exercise, Tui Na, and acupuncture, After the first session the pain was reduced dramatically to almost pain free, I even had a disc in my back out of alignment which Andrew very quickly sorted out. only 4 sessions later I am feeling better than ever, no pain, absolutely amazing. Thanks Andrew

Georgie Gordy