Medical Massage (Tui Na)

Chinese Medical massage also known as Tui Na (pronounced Tuee Nah), is quite different from other forms of massage. Traditionally it is applied over clothes and through a sheet or blanket, which the more body conscious patient really appreciates.

Tui Na is often used along side Acupuncture but can be used as a stand alone therapy for patients not wanting needles. It is commonly used to treat musculo-skeletal pain and specific injuries and uses various superficial and deep massage techniques, stretches, traction and manipulation and in Chinese Hospitals it is a front line treatment for conditions typically see in the West by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapist. Tui Na is also growing in popularity for its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

The back ground for Tui Na translated as push/grasp dates back to the Ming Dynasty and follows the principles of Chinese Medical theory. It is classed as one of the three pillars of Chinese medicine along side Acupuncture and Herbs and has been apart of keeping a civilisation well for over 2000 years.