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Medical Massage

Chinese medial massage known as Tui Na,  with its combination of superficial and deep tissue massage techniques plus stretches and manipulations is commonly used in Chinese Hospitals as a front line treatment for conditions typically seen in the west by a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor. 


Acupuncture super-speeds the healing process for injuries, releases tight muscles, and balances the internal energy flows via the body's meridian system, treating illnesses and encouraging the body to self-repair to the best of its own abilities. Spirit Acupuncture uses a combination of TCM, Distal Balance method (Tan/Tung Style) Western trigger and Motor points to assist patients on their road to recovery.


Using only the highest grade herb concentrated powders from Tai Wan, patients are offered perscriptions either in tea or capsule format. Chinese Herbal medicine dating back to the 3rd Century B.C is still used today in modern Chinese hospitals, offering an alternative to the use of western pharmaceuticals in the management of illness. Several herbs are typically combined together and are known as formulas, individually designed   specifically for each patient and their personal health concerns.


Similar to the sensation of a Tens machine, an electrical impulse is sent via the needle into the muscle belly, caus‚Äčing stimulation of muscle and nerves. This form of treatment is particularly useful in musculoskeletal pain conditions or can be used directly into the acupuncture points to enhance their therapeutic properties.


The term ""We are what we eat" is probably one of the most profound phrases spoken! Offering guidance on nutritional advice or use of supplements can often make the world of difference to a patient's health. The lives we lead often contribute to our health conditions, so support may be offered on suitable lifestyle

change, stress management, rehabilitation and general wellness exercises. Additional support via instruction in QI Gong breathing and standing practice, stretching and body strengthening plus meditation training gained from over 30 years of martial arts teaching & training.


Warmed glass jars are placed at specific points creating a vacuum effect on the skin. This decompresses the muscle, separating skin from fascia  resulting in an accelerated repair rate as improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow are brought to the local area. Cups are either statically placed or used in a sliding manner in the form of a massage.

Muscle Taping

Popular with athletes for many years, muscle taping offers a patient continued support and enhanced recovery between treatments. Typically reducing pain levels via muscle and joint support and increasing  Lymphatic and blood flow to the local area to reduce inflammation. Patients often report an immediate sense of support and improvement in limb function whilst wearing this highly versatile product..


Moxabustion is the practice of burning a herb (Mugwort) close to the skin over specific acupuncture points, either directly placed on the needle itself or held above the point. The therapy is warming in nature, vasodilating local blood vessels increasing the blood flow and can be used to reduces inflammation. Traditionally it was used for cold/damp induced ailments resulting from the body being exposed to the external elements, as moxa was found to be a great treatment to strengthen weakness in the body and invigorate blood circulation. Heat Lamps are now used in clinic additionally offering  similar effect without any production of smoke.

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Client Testimonial

What can I say?  Andrew pretty much saved my life :) I have spent the last three years in constant pain with Repetitive strain and severe carpal tunnel in my left hand to the point where it didn't seem like a bad to just remove my hand to stop the pain. The doctors plied me with more and more painkillers that did nothing and offered surgery. At the end of my rope I decided to try acupuncture. All I can say is wow! I was skeptical but after just over a month of sessions I am now pain free, my hands are no longer numb when I wake up and I haven't had a flair up in my hands :) I recommend him to anybody and I say thank you again for helping me feel normal again.

Laura Ellis - Patient